Who We Are

The Normandy Beach Improvement Association is a non-profit organization that is the operational arm responsible for community programming and maintanence.  All NBIA members are lucky enough to own homes in Normandy Beach. Once a resident, you are not a stranger, but part of a large and exhuberant group drawn to friends and family.

NBIA: Early Roots To Today

Normandy Beach was founded in 1916.  Unique to the barrier island, the Bay Beach Program started in the early 1940’s with swimming lessons for kids.  Over time the community saw the need for a board of directors to oversee and manage the camp program as well as the beaches, tennis, and basic maintenance of the town.  The NBIA was formed in 1960.  For more than a century, new and old have returned home to Normandy Beach to strengthen family ties, enjoy longtime friendships and relax in the beautiful sun and sea.