We have decided to make the draw easier. We will have 1 draw on Fridays for Monday – Friday play (there is no longer a Monday morning draw). You need to have your name and times in by Fridays at 9:15am. Draw will be at approximately 9:30. You can submit your name by:

🎾call office – 732-375-6240
🎾go to window
🎾fill out the attached form – you will receive a confirmation email that your name was submitted.

This will start this Friday, July 3rd.  


Any questions call me


Bay Beach Camp Questionnaire

Hello Normandy Beach Parents!  I know we are all anxious to get back into our normal summer routines.  Our children have been cooped up way too long!  The following survey will help Bay Beach Camp see what parents are thinking regarding camp this summer.  There are a few options we are considering if given permission to proceed with camp in the next few weeks.  PLEASE take a minute to fill this out so we can best prepare for a fun and safe camp season!

Bay Beach Google Poll Click Here!

Normandy Beach Summer Season

All beach entrances in Normandy Beach are currently open.  Social distancing guidelines must be observed.  No large gatherings will be allowed.  Please maintain 6 feet of space between family groups and arrange seating in a circle — no long lines of chairs.

Badge checkers and lifeguards are now on duty. Brick and Toms River police will patrol area beaches on ATVs.  Brick Police: 732-477-8300; Toms River Police:  732-349-0150

Member badges that were not picked up on May 23rd are now available at the Office Window of the Bay Beach House between 9 am and 2 pm daily.

Everyone over the age of twelve years is required to display a beach badge for access to our beaches. Daily badges will be sold at the office window of the Bay Beach House ONLY (located at 541 Broad Ave.), due to safety concerns for our employees. Daily badge sales MAY BE SUSPENDED if beach capacity is reached. Badge prices remain the same as last year — Daily for $10; Weekly (for renters in Normandy Beach only — must provide lease at time of purchase) are $45.

Garbage and Recycling Information Summer 2020

“There’s an APP for that!”  Download RECYCLE COACH from the app store and enter your municipality to receive text alerts the evening before scheduled collections.

Brick Township

Bulk items may be taken to the police substation by Used To Be’s every Saturday morning.

Garbage collection is every Monday morning except on Monday holidays (one day later).

Recycling is collected every other Tuesday morning except on Monday holidays (one day later).

Toms River Township

Bulk items will be picked up curbside, but you must email the DPW at dpw@tomsrivertownship.com to arrange for a pickup date.

Beginning May 18th, garbage is collected every Monday and Thursday morning until Labor Day, except following Monday holidays (one day later — Tuesday and Friday).

Recycling is collected every Friday through Labor Day.

NBIA Annual Membership Dues Now Payable

Tennis Members Only! Courts Open Friday May 8th

1. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines while playing and resting.
2. Each player is suggested to bring and use their own marked balls for serving.
3. No congregating on the court or sidelines.
4. Water cooler is NOT available. Please bring your own water.
5. Please wear gloves to open the gates.
6. Sign up for court time at the bulletin board.
Please contact me if you have any questions or issues.
Carolyn Dunckley 732-275-5347

First Friday Cocktail Parties

Due to the ongoing health emergency and social distancing requirements now in effect until June 5th, our social gatherings are canceled until further notice.

NB Residents Concerned with Flooding Issues

Concerned members of the Normandy Beach community are organizing to bring attention to the worsening flooding conditions in our neighborhood.  To that end, a Facebook Page, NB Bay Community Interest Group(facebook.com/nbbaycommunity) has been created to facilitate information sharing. On this site, you will find relevant information from county, state and federal sources, dates for community involvement, meeting highlights, action plans and progress reports.

Consistent presence at town council and county meetings is essential to our success moving forward. We are encouraging all NBIA members to access the Facebook page to view the schedule of upcoming events.

In addition, a mailing list has been created to coordinate the efforts of those members who want to be actively involved in the group. If you were not able to attend the launch meeting on November 30th, and you want to be involved, please provide your name, home address, email address and your township (Brick vs Toms River) in an email to: nb-bay-community-interest-group@googlegroups.com

The on-going flooding situation impacts the safety of our families and friends, our quality of life and our property values.   Please get involved to make our voices heard.

(PLEASE NOTE: The NBIA is providing this information as a service to our community. The NBA and NBIA are not affiliated with this community action group.)